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Stockholm Archipelago 


3 days 


  • Kayaking

  • Hiking

  • Meals cooked on campfire

  • Sauna


4800 sek/pers.


  • Meals

  • Pre-booked activities

  • Equipment

  • Your private guide

  • Transport to Dalarö

Not included

  • Camping gears

  • Your travel insurance

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • Sauna (needs pre-booking)

Camping gears: 200 sek/pers/night

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Total escape from the city

Escape for 3 days, only 45 minutes away from Stockholm, with your family, your partner or between a group of friends!

Stockholm archipelago offers you the opportunity to be in a peaceful and relaxful place thanks to his unique landscape that makes all its characteristics. The archipelago is formed of about 30000 islands located in the calmness of the Baltic sea. It used to be formerly farmers and fishermen's shelters or furthermore trading outpost under the Viking period. The surface of the water is overhung by those domes made of rocks and trees often uninhabited giving to the region its uniqueness.

Far from the cities and far from everything, this natural maze offers an unexpected contrast for whom is coming to visit Sweden for a long weekend, or a few days for instance. Join the adventure that would bring you another impression of Sweden.

The "Island hopping"

Day 1: We’ll go together to Dalarö a charming little village, in the morning, from where we’ll begin paddling with our kayak. After a safety briefing, we’ll begin paddling between different islands that are so many in this southern part of the archipelago. At lunch we’ll stop on one of those deserted island and prepare a nice lunch cooked on wooden fire. We’ll then take time to rest, with only companion the swell of the Baltic and the singing birds. In the end of the afternoon and after having spent good time at sea we will decide a spot where to settle our camp for the night. Why not enjoy one of those long Swedish sun sets around a fire which will comfort this great exploration day. During that time your guide will concoct you a well deserved meal.

 If the weather is on our side, we might paddle till the island of Kaston, a nature reserve quite particular because it’s a seal nesting area. Who knows, we might spot one of them popping his head out of the water. We will therefore have all chances to observe them.

 Day 2: The next morning, the adventure will resume. We’ll pack our stuff and get back on the waves but not before having had a breakfast and a coffee to start the day. Let’s go further and explore other islands and get the opportunity to see other fantastic landscapes from this part of the archipelago that is probably one of the nicest and wildest. It’d be magic to see a sea eagle circling around the islands, looking for the ideal prey. Maybe one of those numerous migratory birds like different types of goose or this famous great cormorant flying over the horizon on the direction to the north. The part we’ll reach on this second day had a different landscape as we are on the outer edge of the archipelago. We can notice that the shapes of the rocks and the size of the trees are different because of a stronger erosion than inside the archipelago. We’ll settle in the islands of Langholmen for the night: fire, sunset and a swim in the program.

 Day 3: After a breakfast and a coffee, we’ll begin our way back to our starting point Dalarö. On the way back we’ll have the chance to climb on a clif giving us a large and magnificent view over the whole south archipelago of Stockholm. We will finish the trip at the end of the afternoon. Once arriving at the peer, we will tidy up our kayaks and get ready to get back to Stockholm, the head full of impressions and memories.