The proposed packages in the website are only examples of the possibilities of True Nature Sweden. We invite you to transform those packages as much as you want. Pick and choose what you want to do for your vacation in Sweden. Write and send us an email with your desire, possibilities, etc.

If your desire brings you beyond the proposed options, don't hesitate to create your own options. We will make it happen for you. We are able to satisfy you.


Our services


Tour extension 

You are welcome to ask for the amount of day/night you want your tour to be. The packages propose some options but up to you to make your own project.



All tours are manageable for everybody, except Sarek summer and winter, that require a good physical condition. You can therefore chose how difficult you want your tour to be, according to your mindset and you physical capabilities. A stable physical and especially mental conditions are required for the survival option. Contact us to know more.


Going throughout following the single direction of a chosen degree of our compass... no matter what appear in front of us, we will go through. Easy on the map harder on the ground: get ready to be mody.


Wildlife spotting

The wildlife can be spotted everywhere in Sweden but it exists of course some places where you can discover some special species or where some animals are more likely to be seen. Thanks to our knowledges you are putting all the chances on your side to spot some of those species. Contact us to get more about what tour to chose according to what animals you are especially looking to find.



We propose, during our tours, a supplying option. You can decide to trek without carrying your backpack, we will therefore bring it to the next camp place or bed and breakfast. You'll then only carry your daily backpack filled with your lunch, water and your camera. Though, this option is not available for every tours because some of the places we're going to are uninhabited or when the tour is entirely in tent. Contact us to know on which tours this option is available.


Sleeping on the way 

You don't have to sleep in tent. We propose you to sleep in different B&B or hotel (according to what we can find to stay at) instead of sleeping in the tent during trekking tours. Up to you! Though some tours are entirely tent sleeping. We are advising anyway at least a night in tent to get to feel the deepness of the northern European forest. However, some tours are entirely in tent and this option won't be available. Contact us to know more.



All tours are available as well in winter: winter offer different options with different possibilities and for some an obvious challenge to overcome. For trekking during winter, foresee suitable clothes and some extra days to be able to go when the conditions are favourable. Contact us to know more.


Dog Sledging

Let's go for a unique trek with sledge pulled by dogs managed by yourself. Let's sleep at a warm place and let's continue for two, three or more days, up to you.



It is proposed to you to take the snowshoes option, during a trip in north at the same time you are catching some northern light or when you come to Stockholm in winter and want to check the surrounding.


Building an igloo

Learn how to build an Igloo with our survival guide and, if you want to, spend a warm night in the one you've been building.


BORROW of material 

We can borrow you some of your missing gears. Contact us to check the availabilities. It's important to get good gears to do long hiking. It's why we borrow material to our customers in order to avoid them costly equipments. Some things will be compulsory anyway like good trekking shoes in gore tex made for long and heavy trekking.


Pick up and transfer

In order to make you travel guarantee without stress, we propose you to come and pick you up wherever you want. From Arlanda (Stockholm) or Skavsta (Ryanair) airports, train stations, bus stations or hotel of your choice. Don't hesitate to use our service. Contact us to find an agreement.



You can rely on us to help you to book your next stop: train, bus ticket, hotel...