Terms & Conditions

The following pages have for object to define the terms and conditions in which www.truenaturesweden.com, named True Nature Sweden AB, put to use the service of this website for the users. Also the way the users access to the site and use the services.

Any access to the website is subordinated to the respect of the present terms and conditions.
For the user, the access alone to the website, True Nature Sweden, at the following URL www.truenaturesweden.com involves the acceptance of the entire terms and conditions explained further down.


True Nature Sweden AB is a Swedish company created by William Gilman who settled in Stockholm five years ago. Passionated by trekking in total autonomy and survival, he after have crossed numerous country in every continent, decided to mingle his passion to share all his expertise in a company for nature lovers. Since the five last years, William has travel across Sweden to discover new trekking paths, activities as much as multiple lodges and restaurants to give you the best out of your time in Sweden.













Bookings & payment

All tours proposed by True Nature Sweden have to be booked directly via our web site in the rubric ‘’Booking’’. After having booked your trip, you’ll receive a confirmation email directly to the mailbox  you indicated in your booking request. You’ll also receive the payment procedure. Payments will be done minimum 20 days before the beginning of the tour and maximum 15 days after the booking date. If a booking is done less than 20 days before the beginning of the tour then the payment will have to be done within 5 days. For shorter tours we claim a direct payment at the time of the booking. If the payment is not executed on time, True Nature Sweden takes the right to cancel the booking automatically.

Preliminary bookings

Because of high booking requests for several tours, any pre-booking will be possible for the tours proposed by True Nature Sweden. Nonetheless within the 7 days following your booking, you’ll be able to cancel your trip without any charge as long as the booking day isn’t inferior to 20 days before the beginning of the tour.



If you have to cancel your trip, send us an email simply. We’ll reimburse the tour according to those following conditions:

  • If the cancellation request is sent within the 7 days following the booking date, we’ll insure a reimbursement up to 100% of the total booking price.

  • If the cancellation request is sent between 8 to 12 days following the booking date, we’ll charge you 50% of the total booking price.

  • If the cancellation request is sent after 13 days following the booking date, we’ll charge you 100% of the total booking price.



If you wish to modify your trip, we’ll do anything to find an alternative option, but we cannot ensure an availability on other tours that the one selected by you before.  The request has to be sent by email as soon as possible to True Nature Sweden so our team can work out a substitute solution. If your booking’s modification is possible, we’ll charge you 250SEK per person and per day to be able to cover the modifications fees in our planning as much as towards our partners involved in the tours.


For any cancellation coming from a medical reason or in case of involuntary events, we could reimburse up to 75% of the booking price. By involuntary events we refer to those following reasons:

  • Griefing, sickness or serious accident that affect you, your travel partner, your wife/husband, your partner, your parents, your children or your brothers and sisters.
  • azards and serious events out of your control like a large fire or a flooding in your residency.

You must be able to justify the reason why you cancelled the trip by medical proof delivered by your doctor. The document must contain the medical diagnostic, the date and the reason why you cannot participate to the trip as well your doctor’s signature. This document must be sent to us as fast as possible before the beginning of the trip.
In case of hazards or serious events out of your control you must be able to proof it by presenting us an official signed document by your local police or your insurance.
To obtain a reimbursement, the cancellation cause could be linked also to a natural event that prevent you from traveling to Sweden.


Wildlife observation depend naturally of the fauna and flora conditions at the time of the trip. True Nature Sweden can’t guarantee the observation of some animals but we recommend some period of the year and conditions to get best chances to observe the wildlife from the visited area.  Because animals are in their natural environment, spotting chances belongs entirely to the nature. To ensure our clients the best opportunity to see the wildlife, the guide has the right to modify the itinerary firstly planned without increasing substantially the difficulty or the length of the tour. Outdoor activities depend also of the weather. If we are forced to cancel an activities because of a very bad weather, we’ll find another similar activity in the surrounding. According to the consistency of the climatic conditions, modification delay can extend from the same day to some days.


All information that you provide us during the booking request are only used to contact you as efficiently as possible.

  • Please, read confirmation informations (name, dates, type of the tour and number of participants) before validating your booking. If you notice a mistake, make sure to contact True Nature Sweden as fast as possible.
  • Follow all rules and instructions shared to you about lodgement, transfers, activities, etc… If you don’t follow instructions fixed by True Nature Sweden, you’ll be personally responsible of your acts.
  • True Nature Sweden reserves the right to cancel a tour or to refuse access to a tour to one or more than one member of the group because of inappropriate behaviour without any reimbursement.
  • When filling up the tour request, don’t forget to notify to your disabilities, allergies, difficulties, your sport level or other factor that seems useful for us to know in advance.
  • Never publish any commercial pictures or video of True Nature Sweden without having a written authorization from one member of our team. For non-commercial images or video, please contact the author directly.



Any complaints or disputes must be announced during the trip to the staff of True Nature Sweden. If you don’t do so you can't give True Nature Sweden the opportunity to correct or improve his service, You therefore cannot pretend to an eventual reimbursement. If you aren’t satisfied of the proposed reimbursement from True Nature Sweden, you must write us an email within the 14 days following the end of the trip. If we can’t reach a compromise together, we’ll have to involve the appropriate Swedish authorities.


Personal data that you share to True Nature Sweden are treated according to the respect of the private life and will stay confidential within the company. We treat personal data according to the adequate Swedish authorities (personuppgiftslagen SFS 1998:204) and the electronic communication (lagen om elektronisk kommunikation SFS 2003:389). Personal data includes name, addresses, phone numbers, email and health condition informations.


Major force means an unusual event, unforeseen and unavoidable that would happen outside of True Nature Sweden's ability of control and that would prevent the accomplishment of the contract fixed initially. This also includes circumstances that the organizer couldn't predict originally and could not avoid or overcome. Major force also includes war, war threatening, terrorist acts, strikes, states security measures, natural or industrial catastrophes, large fire, extreme climate condition, technical issues, airport shut down and technical or maintenance problems in infrastructure made available to our clients (including our website). In consequence of the conditions quoted here above, True Nature Sweden can’t be responsible for any modification or cancellation of our tours and therefore any reimbursement can be done.


True Nature Sweden reserves the right to change dates, prices, payments, the booking or discount conditions as it pleases. Prices for the coming season are always preliminary and are subject to possible changes.