Survival situations often comes without warning. Therefore you will have to be ready. You have to be able to face any consequences. You could get lost in the forest, be victim of collision or a natural disaster.

We are proposing a teaching that will provide you techniques, tools but as well confidence in your knowledges and your abilities to react correctly when a survival situation comes to you.

There are survival courses available from one day to several days in total wilderness an hour away from Stockholm.

Survival courses

The Survival course is clearly the typical experience for you to learn how to live and survive in the forest. This course can be from one day to two weeks cast away. The entire course is given directly in the wild. According to the length of your course, you will have the opportunity to acquire essential basic skills to the most advanced survival technics.

Your guide will teach you basics through theory that you'll practice afterwards. Making a fire; making a shelter; finding your food or setting a trap and many other tips. If you want to go deeper into the knowledge and the practice, we suggest you to stay for a longer period and practice, overseen by your instructor of course.

Learn how to find your way out of tricky situations and learn how to see the nature differently. Everything you need is around you, waiting for you to be used.


The programs will be focused on:

  • The three survival fundamentals.
  • The basic needs and know which ones to prioritize:
    Fire - How to do? With what?
    Shelter - How to build? With what?
    Food - What to eat? Where to find? How to prepare?
    Water - Where to find? How to collect it?
  • Plants, mushrooms: edible, toxic, medicinal
  • Wildlife: tracking, danger...
  • Trapping, fishing
  • Climatic zones
  • Orientation, map reading
  • Campment
  • Make ropes
  • Moving - How to cross rivers, etc.
  • First aid
  • Survival in group: Leadership


Gnesta forest
Nacka nature reserve (for daily courses)


From 1 day to 2 weeks


  • Survival introduction
  • Building traps 
  • Footprints tracking 
  • Orientation
  • Making tools and weapons
  • Building a camp-site 
  • Finding food

and more (view program)


1 day: 1500 sek/pers.
4 days: 5800 sek/pers.
6 days: 8500 sek/pers.
2 weeks cast away: 12000 sek/pers.