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Best guided Tours in Stockholm   Stockholm. Outdoor attractions

Be in the nature by yourself - Take time to feel the immensity: Here it is possible!

The Swedish endless and lush forest is such, that you will hardly meet anyone. Resourceful, beautiful and peaceful, the forest will empower you and destress you in no time! Wilderness and lakes of pure water cover a great part of the country. Therefore there is space for an unique wildlife experience, where you have good chances to spot nordic animals like elks, owls, reindeers, otters etc. If you are very lucky you might spot lynxes, bears, wolves or wolverines. Trekking in Sweden will allow you to live in the wilderness, noticing its smells, its silence and noises, cut off from civilisation.

Through the difficulty that suit you, you will trek in the Swedish nature accompanied by your guide, expert of the region. He will bring you where no one else would.

You can choose between options of daily hiking. With a basket of picnic, another way of discovering Stockholm surroundings, by its fauna and flora.

You can also spend a night or more in tent and experience the nature.

You can as well challenge and launch yourself in a complete autonomy trekking for as many days as your vacation allow you to do. Physically and mentally tougher, however long trekking offer the best result for the one that is willing to overcome himself. The chances of spotting wildlife is to say total.

For the most adventurous: we would recommend you to go for an azimuth for at least a part of the tour. All types of the Swedish landscape is discoverable.

Please discover our custom tour and feel free to contact us for any request.


Best guided Tours in Stockholm   Stockholm. Outdoor attractions 2

Back to the roots and to what our ancestors were best at: surviving!

Learn what the nature has to offer. Open your eyes to see that everything your need is just in front of you. Finding food, water, building shelter, making fire and don't get lost. With taught ideas, different solutions and by only using the nature and your knowledges you'll fend your way out.

Today, us humans, have lost our survival instinct. We have difficulties to handle stressful or new situations. We often feel that it is impossible to overcome a desperate situation. But we are mistaken!

A big part of the survival work is mentally. Train to come to a state of mind where you will master yourself, feel comfortable in nature but as well in your daily life when you have to take risky choices. Physically and mentally demanding, survival is an incredible way to overcome yourself.

Survival ask for knowledge that we have to teach before bringing anyone in the nature without anything else than a knife and a sparks fire lighter. To do so, you'll follow a two days theory and practice course before going for a field-practice in the wilderness. This program will aim the essential points of survival in a wild natural environment of the northern European forest. We will therefore concentrate on the points that concern us.

There will be a discovery level and three other levels that will allow you to feel comfortable in all circumstances and get out of any survival situation.

Contact us to know more about the different levels, participation conditions or any other questions or learn more on our survival tours.