All year round


Gnesta forests


2 weeks


13000 sek/pers.


  • Survival introduction

  • Building traps

  • Footprints tracking

  • Orientation

  • Making tools and weapons

  • Building a camp-site

  • Finding food

And much more, see program


  • Transportations to Gnesta

  • All meals

  • All needed gears (not camping)

  • Your survival instructor


  • Camping gear (on request)

  • Your travel insurance

  • Travel to Sweden

  • Alcoholic drinks


Two-week cast away course

Situations requiring survival training come without warning. Therefore you have to be ready and have to be able to react fast in any of them. You could get lost in the forest, be victim of a collision or a natural disaster.

We are offering a course that teaches you techniques and gives you tools but as well confidence in your knowledge and your abilities to react correctly when a survival situation arise.

This survival course is perfect for you to learn how to live and survive in the forest as the entire course is given in the wilderness.

Learn how to find your way out of tricky situations and learn how to see the nature differently. Everything you need is around you, waiting to be used.

In this two-week cast away course you’re be able to become a real survivalist. Thanks to a meticulously planned program, you learn all the details you need to know to be able to get out of any situation and survive for long time. You gain confidence in your knowledge thanks to a first week of theory and practice and a second week of total survival situations. Your instructor guides you throughout your learning and gives you tips, when needed, for you to be as efficient as possible. This course also gives you the chance to be introduced to the long term survival, leading to bushcraft and how to prepare the forthcoming seasons. During the second week, your instructor comes to your camp every two days to give you some advice and bring you some food (a minimum) but you, otherwise, remain on your own. That week will help you understand how strong your mind needs to be and how important it is. It takes a lot to be able to be in the wilderness, for an extended period of time, without the usual comfort. Training is the only way to make it possible. Be ready to experience an extraordinary adventure with and within yourself.



  • The three survival fundamentals

  • The basic needs and knowing which ones to prioritize

  • Fire - how to build it? With what? Different techniques

  • Shelter - how to build it? With what? Different types for different environments and climates. Advanced

  • Food - what to eat? Where to find it? How to prepare it?

  • Water - where to find it? How to collect it?

  • Plants and mushrooms: edible, toxic, medicinal

  • Wildlife - tracking, danger, silent walk, team hunting (no killings in the course). Advanced

  • Trapping - set traps network (no killing). Advanced

  • Fishing - fish traps, night lines etc ...

  • Climatic zones and how to cope with them

  • Orientation - map reading, nature reading

  • Encampment - tools, kitchen equipment, efficiency and use of the nature.

  • Rope - how to make it? With what? Advanced

  • Introduction to long term survival skills

  • Moving - how to cross rivers? etc ...

  • First aid - some easy tricks to master.

  • Survival in group: Leadership.